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Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Pintu Satu Senayan. Jakarta 10270
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OPENING HOURS :  MON - FRI 6.00AM- 7.00PM | SAT - SUN 7.00AM -2.00PM

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Pilates Capital hosts Body Tree Academy Teacher Training Program in Indonesia. Our inviting studio is a mind-and-body oasis that offers Pilates group as well as private training with senior teachers, qualified teachers, and licensed provider. Whether you opt to work out one-on-one or in classes full of energetic people, Pilates Capital is sure to deliver professional attention within a range of body-transforming yet enjoyable sessions. In addition, we are part of a leading Pilates school and a holistic teachers training specialized in Anatomy courses too.


Our philosophy is to be the “capital” of Pilates exercises. As its name possesses energy and longevity, it also puts universal meaning to the whole perspective. This means that our target is not only focused on women, but also men. And just like the capital, our studio is the place where important things and people come to. Our role as a Pilates capital is to create a strong foundation form where people like businessmen, businesswomen, or anybody else from all over the country can strike a living.




Pilates Capital is owned and operated by Sandi Fajar Ariyanti. She was first introduced to Fletcher Pilates in January 2013 and maintains a regular practice ever since. Having the ambition to grow her expertise, she attended Fletcher Binual Conference in Tucson, Arizona, in May 2013.

This experience has given her a very detailed understanding of the Pilates methods, which are augmented by her knowledge. Two months after, she received her certification as Fletcher Matwork Licensed Provider. In September 2013, she was certified as Fletcher Towelwork, Floorwork, and Barrework Licensed Provider.

She strongly believes that by keeping a healthy and energetic body, every individual is able to balance both physical and spiritual aspects in their lives. Therefore, she remains devoted to helping all of her clients reach their needs and goals: strength, length, and fluidity by integrating the core principles of Pilates.


Sandi has been a very active career woman these recent years. In pursuing her career, she realizes that mind-and-body aspect is a really important matter. In fact, committing to both physical as well as spiritual health is an inseparable part of her busy lifestyle.

She is a strong believer that you have to have a fit and energetic yet calm body to fulfill all your busy schedule demands. Before Pilates, she had tried a few of other exercises. While weight training and cardio made her body went bulky, kickboxing turned out to be too harsh of her workout plan too.

She was still in search of a promising with less injury-prone practice, until she discovered Pilates. This exercise treats her body gently yet still gives the result and most benefits that she truly desires. Sandi’s true passion lies in teacher training. She believes that Pilates is suitable for everyone, and one of the very few exercises that you can actually do until old age.