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PMA® - CPT, Pilates Capital Founder, Fletcher Pilates Qualified Teacher, BBM

Sandi has been a very active career woman these recent years. In pursuing her career, she realizes that mind-and-body aspect is a really important matter. In fact, committing to both physical as well as spiritual health is an inseparable part of her busy lifestyle. She is a strong believer that you have to have a fit and energetic yet calm body to fulfill all your busy schedule demands. Before Pilates, she had tried a few of other exercises. While weight training and cardio made her body went bulky, kickboxing turned out to be too harsh of her workout plan too. She was still in search of a promising with less injury-prone practice, until she discovered Pilates. This exercise treats her body gently yet still gives the result and most benefits that she truly desires. Sandi’s true passion lies in teacher training. She believes that Pilates is suitable for everyone, and one of the very few exercises that you can actually do until old age.


Pilates Capital is owned and operated by Sandi Fajar Ariyanti. She was first introduced to Fletcher Pilates in January 2013 and maintains a regular practice ever since. Having the ambition to grow her expertise, she attended Fletcher Binual Conference in Tucson, Arizona, in May 2013. This experience has given her a very detailed understanding of the Pilates methods, which are augmented by her knowledge. Two months after, she received her certification as Fletcher Matwork Licensed Provider. In September 2013, she was certified as Fletcher Towelwork, Floorwork, and Barrework Licensed Provider. She strongly believes that by keeping a healthy and energetic body, every individual is able to balance both physical and spiritual aspects in their lives. Therefore, she remains devoted to helping all of her clients reach their needs and goals: strength, length, and fluidity by integrating the core principles of Pilates.





Certified Teacher

She has been working in Advertising Agency in Jakarta for quite some times and has a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication. She graduated from Body Tree Academy - Singapore in 2015, she got certification in Pilates Matwork.


She has been active and tried few other workouts e.g: Thai Boxing, Gym, HIIT / Tabatha, Bikram Yoga, etc. But when she tried Pilates for the first time, it really hooked her. In few months, she saw improvement in her flexibility, core strength and posture and that inspired her to become a Pilates Teacher.


Sitting in the desk most of her day doing her daily work, she suffered fatigue and low back pain. Now she is determined to help executives become pain-free, just as Pilates has helped her. 


She has the passion to share the benefit of Pilates with others as she already felt The great of doing Pilates regularly. She also finds a great joy when seeing their clients' bodies enhance through Pilates. 


On the last note, "Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" - Joseph Pilates



D I N I  S U R Y A N I

         Certified  Teacher

Dini as a publicist in entertainment industry with long hours works and tight schedules demand her to stay fit, healthy and always focus. That makes her an active gym member since 2005, by doing yoga & other strength training. She's also an active self defense practitioner since 2013.


A long the way, she has more interest in health & fitness, and love to share her knowledge between friends & colleagues. That encouraged her to go further by became a professional, and decided to be a pilates teacher. "I never do pilates before, but after intensive research & realizing my conditions with some joints problem, I found out that Pilates fits me. It's an exercise that I can do and teach for the rest of my life without worrying about getting injured."


She's intensively do pilates from 2016, after signing up for Pilates Teacher Training at Pilates Capital, a BodyTree Academy affiliate in Jakarta. "I love doing Pilates. Pilates has transformed my body to the new level. It became stronger, leaner & toned. I experienced what Joseph Pilates said in his book, in 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a whole new body".


She finished her matwork teacher training in 2017, and been teaching since. "I'm excited to share the benefits of pilates to all the people I know. Also witnesses how they transformed their body into a better form by doing Pilates".

Certified Teacher

Because of her scoliosis, Theresia got introduced to pilates world, fell in love with it and finally make a decision to study further about it.

She only has two goals; first, to prevent her scoliosis from getting worst; second, hopefully she can share the benefits she gets from doing pilates to other people with scoliosis too.


now she has stronger and more flexible spine and core;

she has better body alignment and posture;

she has more control to her body movement;

she has leaner muscles;

most of all, doing pilates might prevent her getting injuries caused by muscles tightness and imbalance.

she knows she is still not perfect, but she promises she will make a progression.


"like everything in life, you need to do everything in balance, stretch, release and strengthen."


         Certified Teacher

Heidi's first encounter with Pilates was due to her scoliosis. Pilates has corrected her posture and the other problems that had come with scoliosis and muscle imbalances.


After getting her posture fixed, Heidi realized how amazing movements can heal. Her curiosity increases as she learn more about Pilates and mind-muscle connections. From there, her hobby has become her passion.


In 2018, she has been certified as a Pilates teacher from Body Tree Academy. Her goal is to help people to achieve their best shape in their life through pilates.


Certified  Teacher

Ima is an active lady since she was young


She loved her first Pilates session with Michaella,


From that moment, she thinks Pilates is not only a workout but also some lessons which eduacate the entire body, those little muscles, bones, alignment, every movement is neat, in the class we do movements with feeling and measured breathing. She also never felt her little muscles as work as when she does Pilates.


After she graduated from her bachelor degree, Ima took a Matwork certification at BTA Singapore in year 2017, and started teaching since then.



         Certified  Teacher

I have taught Bodypump and RPM classes since 2009

After many years of teaching, I experienced a lower back injury, due to a lack of stretching after teaching.
I heard from friends, that the Pilates movement can reduce pain and even improve.

In October 2016, I began taking part in private Pilates at Pilates Capital. After 2 years of pilates training,

I felt that my lower back pain is gone.

Since then, I attended the Teacher Training Matwork and I graduated in mid 2018.
I hope by teaching Pilates, I  can help other people and at the  same time get the health benefit for myself.




             Certified Teacher

      Maina has been practicing pilates ever since she got back from University in 2013 upon finding out that she had scoliosis. She then chose to do a pilates certification from BodyTree Academy amidst being the managing editor of a luxury magazine in Jakarta in 2017.

She saw the benefits pilates had on her mental, emotional and physical health, hence she opted to take the path that would help others feel the effect of positivity it had on her . 

Having always been an active person who enjoys kick boxing and swimming, Maina is currently on a journey of pursuing a BASI certification in order to dive into taking her passion and turning it into a career opportunity. 

What better way to be happy than to make others around you feel the same happiness."


Studio Administrator

Damayanti spent the last 15 years working for a boutique fashion retail store in Jakarta honing her skills in customer service.  She was inspired to join Pilates Capital because she knew she really wanted to help make a difference in people's lives and what better place!  Here she helps clients understand what Pilates is all about, takes care of the challenging task of scheduling and all other administrative duties that help Pilates Capital run smoothly and efficiently.  She is the oil that makes our

machine run well!!!



Pilates Capital is the base for Pilates Teacher Training in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our studio is a fully equipped studio in the heart of Jakarta. If you have what it takes, have a passion in teaching and changing people's lives for the better, we would like to know you more.